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Default Re: Bogus MOS Rumor Memorial Thread

The commenter eventually posted the following additional tidbit:
I have been given the clear, this information isn’t secret, I can disclose what I please. It wasn’t a conference, perhaps I was a tad misleading in that regard. It was a gathering, banquet of sorts, of VFX artists on WB payroll. For the poster with ties into the business, ask around, it was a limited invitation event, but someone else out there has got to be able to verify the event took place. It was at the Langham Huntington in Pasadena. We were served a Caesar salad followed by smoked salmon. I can assure you this event took place. WETA presented a long sizzle reel, the Man of Steel clips were just part of it. And finally, the proof you’ve all be waiting for. My name is Jonathan Rothbart. I’ve been working in effects my whole life. My first major film was part of a massive team on Empire Strikes Back. I still have my shirt from the film, one that ONLY those involved with the production would have. I did freelance work with ILM for a while early in my career then settled into a great job at an effects house called The Orphanage. I have a great relationship with WB, and I was honored to be invited to the event.

I [understand] skepticism, I do. But you’ll see the exact shots I spoke of, to a tee, in the finished film. And I’ll come back to these boards and prove it. I guarantee someone else will speak about this footage at some point today, just wait for the news to break.

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