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Default Re: Bogus MOS Rumor Memorial Thread

Originally Posted by jthom19802 View Post
This one was my favorite, because people were still clamoring to it even after we had seen him in full military gear in numerous trailers and TV spots (as well as our beloved handcuff picture); as if Lex was secretly masquerading as a general in the Army for some mischievous, secret reason.
he has done it before in the past....

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
On, someone posted an article on how Col. Hardy is actually a nod to Guardian, lol. And I still have no clue how exactly someone thought of that!

Well Hardy's call sign WAS GUARDIAN....sooooo take that as you will. I'm confused to as to why you don't see how people got the nod to was VERY obvious

Originally Posted by InJustice View Post
The biggest one of the past month

- The Kryptonian suit grants Kal-El the power of flight
I think that was more speculation than rumor

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