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Default Re: OK...its time.....Man of Steel vs Superman Returns - Part 1

Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
Lois and Clark having a child is actually a good idea (it completes his journey from alien to member of the human race/society). However, it was executed HORRIBLY in SR. The movie should have been called Lex and Lois, since that's who it was actually about (Superman was a guest in his own film).
No, the whole story is triggered by Superman. His son, Luthor being able to get free, Lois moving on with a new boyfriend, and his return has a major impact in the life of the major characters.

But I agree that the son was a good idea. It completes also the fatherhood theme that Donner inserted in Superman's story. And acknowledging his own fatherhood, Superman's speech, same as Jor-el's, is a perfect and beautiful symbol of completion.

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