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Default More TV shows for Phase 3 was the right choice.

This leaves the street level properties as characters who won't be involved in films until Phase 4, if ever. That clears the slate for Phase 3 to not exclude fan favorites while giving fans most of Marvel's characters in a live action format. I really hope it works out so there can be Runaways and Punisher shows before the end of Phase 3.

I mean, with Phase 3, we're now getting Doctor Strange and Ant-Man with the possibility of Captain Marvel and Black Panther and talk of potential Hulk and Thor sequels. I mean, it's pretty complete. Let's assume that Phase 3 is meant to run until 2019. that allows for older properties to get sequels and new properties to have some room to breathe while allowing Marvel studios to grow to the point of (almost) 3 films a year by the end.

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