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Default Re: Scenes in Man of Steel that where inspired by the Comics and Animation

It wasn't inspired by the comics or animation, but Clark's trip to the north pole is pretty much a reimagining of the sequence from Superman: The Movie. He heads north with a Kryptonian artifact in tow, he uses it to create/enter a Kryptonian structure where he meets a hologram of his long-dead father who tells him who he is and where he's from and why he was sent to Earth, and is then told he will inspire humanity (they only lack the light to show the way/they will join you in the sun), then Clark dons the Superman suit for the first time and flies for the first time.

I know I beat a dead horse when it comes to Donner, but I think people need to realize that those movies are still relevant and that it wasn't just comics and animation that influenced MoS.

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