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Default Re: Scenes in Man of Steel that where inspired by the Comics and Animation

Dudes, I must have been living in a cave. just read Superman: Secret Origins, (which Ironically has a foreward by David S. Goyer). While there aren't really direct scenes taken from it, (except maybe where the Kents show Clark the spaceship) there are
heaps and heaps of similarities, especially in those earlier parts.

- the Tornado
-Superman attacked by the Army
- "I want to be your son" (from young Clark to Jonathan Kent)

However, I would say the greatest similarity is the Tone of the book.
Superman is a very human character. Sure there are a lot of differences (no Zod
and Superboy), but the feel of it is very similar.

Geoff Johns is brilliant (I loved what he did with JL, GL and his Batman work)
He builds on so many elements of John Byrne's work from the 80's, and the Donner
films. It kind of bridges the gap between all that source material and Man of Steel.
I hope to heaven they involve him in the next Superman film.

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