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Default Re: We Need an X-Factor film

Oh, and when it comes down to the "five man band" the way this would work is

The Hero - Cyclops
The Lancer - Phoenix
The Smart Guy - Forge
The Big Guy - Multiple Man
The Heart - Siryn
The Sixth Ranger - Angel - until he dies -then Gambit fills this role in the third act.

And Famke is now 50. It's time to recast her. Beast got recast. Mystique got recast. Sabertooth got recast. Sometimes you have to recast people. For the record, I also consider Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry to also be too old now. Let DOFP be the swan song for both or let them each have one last appearance. After that, recast.

Oh, and Cable's cameo happens at the end, after everything happens, just as a chance meeting where Cyclops and Jean encounter Cable randomly. They exchange glances with Cable and Jean implied to know who the other one is due to telepathy but they don't say anything. It's left ambiguous for the casual audience but hardcore fans will know exactly what's being hinted at.

Cable's only words are, "look after him for me." Phoenix replies, "he's in good hands." And then it's left at that, cue credits. That's how you get fans to be talking about the ending until the next film with the whole, "OMG, Cable just met his parents and he knows that his younger self is still around! OMG!"

The regular X-Men should be billed under, "Uncanny X-Men" or "X-Treme X-Men" so it doesn't appear to be either vanilla or the "real story" when the team would be broken up into three different ones.

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