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Default Re: We Need an X-Factor film

^If you go with the second incarnation of X-Factor Havok and Polaris were the two main characters. The whole government sponsored group thing would work very well, but would need the right characters...

And for once that would not include Wolverine...

So the point characters would need to be Val Cooper (the agent), Havok (the leader) and Polaris (the love interest for Havok) - Forge would come in/replace Cooper at some point. The other characters are great, each having their own issues to deal with...

Strong Guy with his sense of humor, but with the pain caused by his mutation always plaguing him.

Quicksilver with his speed, but always feeling like he's stuck in a long, slow moving line, causing him to be impatient and short tempered.

Multiple-Man and his learning that his copies have more freedom than he first believes, and his contracting of the legacy virus.

Wolfsbane with her feelings for Havok.

And Polaris with her love for Havok.

Effectively this team only works with the point characters of Havok and Polaris, which is why I'm indicating a need for a reboot of the whole X-Men movie universe sometime in the not so distant future. Because you're right, with the current messed up X-Men timeline we can't have what we need.

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