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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Aside from it being one huge rehash with very little originality, my main problem with "Superman Returns" is how they introduced Lois' son Jason. I'm not against Superman having a kid, but the way it happened goes all the way back to him and Lois shacking up in "Superman II" (a scene which even Margot Kidder says was wrong in retrospect). Not only is he conceived out of marriage, but according to Singer's "vague history", Superman just abandons Lois (and by extension, Jason) without a single word? Some will say, "maybe he didn't know", but how would that be possible for a man who can literally hear everything? Throw in the creepy "stalker by the window" scene, and it turns the Man of Steel into the most lazy, irresponsible parent on the planet.

If a future film has Superman as father to another child, I hope they do it the right way, because he's meant to be a symbol of all the right choices, none of the wrong ones.

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