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Default Re: Am I the only one who is pro-Special Editions?

Originally Posted by justpassinby View Post
Dude's been revealed as the guy behind the mask in the previous scene, and now he shows up again with his afterlife facelift. Heard this argument a couple times before, never got it - HE hasn't been in it much, but in-universe, he's BEEN DARTH VADER THE WHOLE TIME, and then only has one scene where he shows his face (for obvious dramatic reasons). Of course it's the same bloke in the ghost scene, that's what Vader looks like after all.
In-universe that guy never existed. There was never an kind-looking old Anakin Skywalker complete with Jedi robes. Never happened. The only time he ever appeared that way, was in those few seconds as a force ghost.

Between the two options that we've got, Anakin reverting back to the way he looked before he joined the Sith and became Darth Vader makes much more sense to me than Anakin completely changing his appearance to that of a kind old Jedi after death. I mean, force ghost Darth Vader would make more sense than old man Anakin arbitrarily growing his hair out and throwing on a Jedi costume.

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