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Default Re: Would Richard Grayson be part of this movie?

I'd prefer they establish that Dick Grayson does exist in this universe, and maybe even have him adopted by Bruce, but not Robin yet.

To me, Robin would be the perfect vehicle for demonstrating the positive affect that Supes can have on the Bat. Maybe establish early on that Bruce is trying to just help the kid even though Dick figured out who he was and is trying to be his sidekick. Than have Superman give Batman some confidence and hope in his mentoring abilities, and end with the oath taking scene that's always kind of awesome.

To me, the Robins (and Batgirls) could provide an excellent conduit for showing the patriarchal Batman we haven't seen yet. Ben Affleck is old enough that casting a younger teenager (not a twenty-something) as Robin would actually help the idea that he ends up being a successful, if imperfect, surrogate father to kids in need. The way I figure it, you could show Dick Grayson Pre-Robin at maybe 14 in Batman/Superman, have him be the main Robin at 16/17 in a Batman solo while introducing Jason Todd as the second son adopted at Dick's behest, then have one of Todd's allies be the more tech-oriented and more distant Tim Drake in a sequel or spinoff. Boom! Three Robin across three films.

Honestly, if I were a ruthlessly pragmatic Batman fanatic in Hollywood, I'd be devoted to painting the entire extended Batfamily as an untapped subgenre for Superhero movies with at least some guaranty of success due to the Bat-connection. Heck, even Cassandra Cain and Barbara Gordon seem like they could plausibly hold their own movie like the boys, so I'm going to be perpetually against the idea of limiting the Bat-family.

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