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Default Re: The Ongoing Serie A, La Liga, All English Football, Champions League Thread

He's 32..His birthday just passed.

So, He'll be 36 turning 37 the next worldcup.

Really hard to say for a player of his skill, and sweden's lack there of. It would be more if Zlatan wants too. And he'll make some outlandish remark on why he is or isn't. And thats what I'm most looking forward too.

I really think its between Argentina, Germany, Spain, and Brazil this year. With Brazil being the favorites imo, and argentina second.

If Germany can avoid italy they'll be good.

Mexico and USA can also upset, and I have to imagine, England won't do so hot as they just don't have quality that they need to compete on the world stage anymore. To many bruisers, and not enough technical ability, may win you one or two matches against a top team, but not to consistently win.

Spain will be with Xabi and Xavi, that is the big key that was missing from the confederations cup, between those two they averaged more passes between each other than entire teams did in the course of a game.

Lionel will likely lead argentina, but they will have to ensure they are more on the attack then there opponents, which is where they will have some issues against teams like Spain, who are in no rush to attack.

Oh well, back to the domestic leagues this weekend as all worldcup qualifiers are now qualified i believe.

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