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Default Re: Web shooter shop class - Part 3

Urm, I'm gonna answer some questions of yours.. so here goes..
1. If you are using Acetone, i believe heating your spinneret is required to make the threads, as the acetone keeps it liquid.. or something.. (oh god i have totally *****ed this up xD, please correct me)
2. It is easy to heat up the spinneret, but be wary, as if you are using Acetone, it is flammable so you will need to keep the 'heat' low, and by heat i mean warm basically.
You can create a heating coil with some wire (nickel etc) and a battery, all you do is coil the wire and insert the power source. Mind you, i would rig the system up to your web shooter so that the heating activates when you fire it, so that not to waste the batteries (or whatever power source you are using).
hope that helped!

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