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Default Re: Web shooter shop class - Part 3

Originally Posted by Hii View Post
I know I'm being pretty annoying but I don't really understand a lot of this. Like for example, wouldn't a solenoid be bulky? And how do I make it work? Next, how could I make a heating system? I'm having a lot of trouble with this project so I might give up very soon.
Yes, a solenoid will be pretty bulky, unless you use a discrete solenoid. To make a solenoid work with a trigger, you have to hook up the positive side of a batter (probably 9V) to one side of a SPST button. On the other side of the button, hook up the positive side of the solenoid. Then hook up the negative side of the solenoid to the negative side of the battery. Easy as that. In order to make a heating system, you could connect a button to, or just not have button, a piece of nickel-chromium/nichrome wire, and wrap the wire around the nozzle.
Also, I would strongly encourage you not to give up. You've barely scratched the surface of the potential of this project. I've worked on this project for 6 years, since I was in the fifth grade. I've gotten a working prototype and almost have the formula made. After that, I'll publish all my findings so that it won't take everyone else so long.

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