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Default Re: 2012 Major League Baseball: Showdown!

Originally Posted by Darthphere View Post
Honestly, I'm done defending the Marlins. I'm done rooting for the Marlins. I'm done with the Marlins. Done. If and when they get new management that actually gives a **** I'll come back. There's no way I can get behind this team now. Sorry, no way. They have destroyed any and all passion I had for this club. The City of Miami should sue the **** out of the Marlins for fraud. We're paying for that new ****ing stadium for what? To watch Yunel Escobar? Nope. They lied to the city of Miami, it's citizens and the fans. **** the Marlins. Yes, I caught feelings.

I'll still watch the Marlins, or watch the live Gameday on this move just hurts....just..ugh.


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