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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - Part 143

My view on the Blake plot point:

-He needed to know Batman's identity one way or another, it's the whole premise and starting point of the character. The jolt we get when he calls Bruce out on being Batman is an important part of that scene, because that's the jolt Bruce is feeling and it feeds directly into his/our journey back to the cowl.

-If he gave a logical explanation for how he deduced it, it would only serve as a long-winded passage of exposition. Having it play as an emotional beat gives us an instant "in" with the character and highlights the parallel between Blake and Bruce.

-It is actually counterintuitive to assume that Blake spent the last 8 years with this hunch and didn't consider how the facts indeed seem to support it (Batman likely being an insanely wealthy Gothamite, Batman's first appearance occurring shortly after Bruce returned to Gotham after 7 years mysteriously gone, etc.) If you couple those things with a strong gut feeling, it's not incredibly hard to figure out. It's Bruce's playboy ruse that keeps everyone from even going there.

-Contrary to what has been said, it does not make Gordon look dumb for not figuring it out for himself. Gordon didn't care who he was, didn't want to know. This is pretty consistent with the portrayal of Gordon in the comics.

Ironically, I would probably dislike the moment a lot more if it wasn't revealed that Blake= Robin/Bruce's successor. The fact that he was Nolan's Robin meant that the scene in Wayne Manor wasn't just some young cop having a sappy moment with was Batman and Robin having their classic "we're the same" conversation.

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