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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - Part 143

It shocked me when I first saw it, because I thought they'd lead into the "saw you at my orphanage with a pretty girl on your arm" part of the story with "Batman was there the night my father died, I saw his eyes" kind of thing. Think the image from Identity Crisis #5 or #6, where Drakes father is murdered and Batman holds him in his arms with he captions reading "Batman and Robin. Orphans."

I've always loved that scene from the comics and wanted it included in a movie, so was disappointed when it was 'so close, yet so far'. I also think it would've alleviated a lot of people's problems with the scene.

After the first time, though... It doesn't bother me. They followed through with Blake operating on instinct and recognizing patterns enough throughout the rest of the movie that it didn't seem totally out of place. Not to mention, Blake may not have unequivocally KNOWN Bruce was Batman. Maybe he had his gut feeling for years, did a background check when he became a cop, some things lined up... and when the time came, he just took his shot. Maybe it was Bruce not denying it that finally sold him on his own theory.

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