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Originally Posted by ModusPonens View Post

Do you believe that Batman should kill, as well? And under what kinds of circumstances do you think Superman should kill? I assume, for example, that it might be understandable for Superman to kill Zod if Zod is flying around the world wreaking havoc and destroying entire cities. But what about if Superman witnesses a mugger kill Lois Lane? Should Superman kill the mugger point-blank, or should Superman merely turn the mugger into police custody and allow the legal system to do its business?
The hero killing the villain is as old as storytelling. Of course, this action usually happens in a climactic duel/self-defense context - thus avoiding any charge of deliberate murder (though, it’s effectively a righteous execution via loophole).

Apart from a quibble or two, I thought Nolan handled “the code” reasonably well. Batman doesn’t kill in cold blood. But in extreme circumstances, he’ll take the appropriate and necessary actions (even if they result in collateral damage). Use the same approach for Superman/MOS.

Your macabre Lois hypothetical is a challenge. I’m not sure. Suffice it to say, if you’re killing off the iconic Lois Lane, you’re doing some serious deconstruction of the mythos. At which point, it probably doesn’t matter whether or not Supes keeps to “the code.”

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