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Default Re: Official Man of Steel Trailer(s) Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by McLarenMP4 View Post

Here's the trailer but with alternative music.
I was bored this morning waiting for the F1 to start and pieced this clip together. My 1st ever attempt at slicing audio and video together, it's not perfect but I love both these tunes and they are similar in style to the trailer music. Hope you enjoy.
Originally Posted by McLarenMP4 View Post

Ok so this my 2nd video but I'm using the speech from The Great Dictator as it's a hope speech and has a Superman like quality to it. It's with the music from Inception. I'm just doing this to get used to the editing software so there maybe a few more. Enjoy.

Good God man! I wasn't too wild about the original music choice for the trailer initially, but it grew on me a lot. This makes me appreciate it much more, no offense.

I do hope we get some cool, epic music in the new trailer. No more of this emo woman vocalizing in the background that drowns out the trailer dialogue, please. It's too damn morbid and depressing, but more so on a laughable scale. Like Zack Galifinakis singing at the beginning of the Hangover 3 trailer. Like...they're not seriously doing this, are they?

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