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Default Re: Early box-office predictions

Originally Posted by DieSmiling View Post
Iron Man 3 is a guaranteed billion dollar movie? You realize Iron Man 2 (the biggest solo Marvel Studios movie) didn't even crack $650 million WW right? IM3 definitely has a shot at $1B but to act like it's a done deal is crazy.

I think Thor: TDW obviously gets a boost from the Avengers, but I'm curious what the bump is. I'd say he was a bit of an afterthought in the Avengers (compared with Iron Man, Hulk, and Cap, that is) but it still prominently featured him (and his world) and definitely got people to check out the first Thor.
You seem to forget that Iron Man 2 came out before the box office juggernaut know as The Avengers. Iron Man had arguably the biggest role in the film and was the second most popular character behind Hulk.

Guaranteed billion was an exagerration but honestly this film is going to do any less than 850 million. Oh and Thor may have been an after thought as far as screentime, but he still left a big impression with the audiences (much bigger than Cap).

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