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The force shouldn't have all of these rules, Star Wars is written as a fantasy in a sci-fi genre to contrast. The whole point of the original film was that the power of universe and raw human will was more powerful than the evil and basic necessities of machinery, like how Luke had to turn off his targeting computer to destroy the death star. The more they keep with the fantasy elements (kotor) and less with the sci-fi elements (a lot of EU crap), the better it seems to be received.

The force was conceived as a sort of hybrid of the core values shared universal between all major religions. It was cool because there was a whole universe at war, but everyone who got anywhere understood that the all important element was the force and how it was used. Han, Leia, Chewy, Boba Fett, Jabba, Tarkin, and most of the Empire all had their squabbles, but the Emperor and Vader put the force and those who followed it in the forefront of importance.

The thing that was cool about the force was that it was like the will of the universe it made sense, you could watch the movie and take it's teachings and apply it to your real everyday life to become a more productive person. It was about getting in-touch with nature, controlling your feelings, and trusting the strength within. Adding Midi-chlorians completely destroys this whole concept and it makes the Jedi and the Sith kind of like the X-Men. Even saying they make it easier to communicate with the force and show the potential one has, ruins the metaphor, just robs the saga of so much of it's magic.

On the note of magic and the nature of the force, the whole argument about Jedi being allowed to use force lightning is a good example of why I think people that are okay with the midichlorian system just never understood the force in the first place. It's not like a video game where you can use such and such power if you reach such and such level of Jedi or Sith, it's about being touch with your feelings and your very nature. See force lightning and that whole scenario goes back again to "the heroes journey" with the fire breathing dragon, the old hero in retirement, and the young nephew (or young ward) that calls him back to action. Palpatine served as the unbeatable dragon that only the hero (Anakin) had the power to beat and the ward in danger (Luke) called implored that his hero save the day one last time- usually resulting in the heroes death and reward in the afterlife (which it did). Palpatine was kind of like the Antichrist, pure evil incarnate, he could do insanely powerful things like force lightning (which remember was NOTHING like we saw Obi-Wan/Yoda/Luke/Vader do) because he was just so in touch with his inner wickedness, and took such pleasure in being pure evil. He was a feeble old man who appears helpless but because of his great dark nature he extremely dangerous, a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Yoda was used too to hammer in the point of the spiritual aspect of the force similarly to Palpatine, by making him too not what we would imagine. We are told of a great warrior, a Jedi master named Yoda, and he's revealed to us as probably the most pathetic thing ever. However he is so in-control of his emotions and has such a deep spiritual understanding of the world he is extremely powerful. The whole statement "size matters not" sums it up. The force isn't about physical power, it's about the mind, the soul, and the universe, one of the many reasons having Yoda and the Emperor wielding a lightsaber contradicted these principals.

Giving Yoda and Palpatine lightsabers or even putting so much importance on them (and their crystals and their connection to the force) takes away so much from the force itself. The way Palpatine casually held Lukes lightsaber in Jedi like it was a TV remote an referred to them as "Jedi Weapons" showed how lowly he regarded them. It seemed he was just above that sort of stuff like if he really needed to he could just use his evil nature and the force to kill or harm people. Yoda on the other hand was used to drill in the message it's not about physical power, which have a bludgeoning weapon is entirely about! The guy was always preaching about how wars don't make someone great, how Luke wouldn't need his weapons in the cave, and displayed he could life an entire ship at least 100 times his size of a the swamp with minimal effort showed he really shouldn't have needed one. He didn't believe in violence and if it came down to it he could defend himself because those were his principals.

As for the lightsabers and the force, it's pretty simple. The Jedi are space knights and they have space swords, other people don't use them for the same reasons our militaries today carry guns instead of long blades. One would need to be in touch with the force to effectively use it. Vader had a lightsaber because he was a falled Jedi, a black knight.

Anyway thats pretty much all I have to say on the issue.

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