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Default Re: Early box-office predictions

That's some nice research you did there, but something you have to take into account is whether you're talking about the brand names or the characters themselves, because search results tell you more about the brand names, while character polls tell you more about the characters themselves. In my case, I'm talking about the characters of Captain America and Thor, and as shown by the Facebook and CBM poll, as well as the many random internet polls out there, Steve Rogers/Captain America was more popular in that regard:

Thor as a brand is no doubt more popular, especially now that the trailer is almost here. But I was arguing BT's comment that Thor was the 3rd most popular character in the movie, which IMO isn't the case.

But anyway, this is the box office thread and I don't want to derail the topic here. Thor definitely has a chance to make the kind of money The Amazing Spider-Man made.

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