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Default Re: Anthony Mackie in talks to play Falcon

Originally Posted by BullMcGiveny View Post
I wonder if that's for real, though. Not the details of the scene, but Sam actually working for the VA.

For one thing, the Pararescue are a special forces unit of the USAF. For another, what would an ex-ANG be doing with what I assume is a military-issued flying harness?

I'm guessing Sam was actually undercover, and he was there with the intention of running into Steve. It might not be SHIELD, but it could be some other agency.
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Just the 2 pages of leaked script we got shows that Sam was genuinely surprised that the annoying guy who disrupted his morning run was none other than Captain America....strongly doubt there was any intent or purpose to meet Steve.

The ANG/Pararescue angle makes sense to me. There's probably a plot-related reason that Sam is working at the VA....who knows, he might be taking care of one or more of Steve's old (and I do mean "old") buddies/ soldiers/ girlfriends.

And Pararescue is a good occupation for Sam....I did a little research into what they actually do, and there's a lot there that would distinguish him from some of the other heroes; especially from War Machine, if people start claiming that Falcon is just another Rhodey black sidekick. Pararescue aren't pilots or soldiers per se, but the training/experience they have means that Sam Wilson likely has extensive skills in parachuting/skydiving, scuba diving, combat extractions under heavy fire, airlift rescues of both military and civilians, crisis management during natural disasters, and a hefty amount of combat medicine and EMT/first aid. I think Sam is our first healer/doctor superhero in the MCU.


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