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Default Re: Do you want Affleck as the director of the next Batman series?

I voted yes, however I am also going under the presumption he won't merely follow in the footsteps of what Nolan has paved. By all accounts Ben is cut from the same cloth as Chris; dealing with down to earth gritty dramas and realistic backdrops. In that sense I don't want a retread, talented as he may be.

I'm counting on a natural progression of the world Snyder has opened up to. It started out as a fairly normal Earth, but the introduction of Kryptonians has now established a sci-fi DNA. So long as this Gotham City can eventually be overrun by the likes of Clayface, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, Man-Bat, and the like, I'm all for it. Ben's natural directorial sensibilities in maintaining the harsh realities of human action and emotion would be a nice offset to the fantastical realm.

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