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Default Re: Rate the Days of Future Past trailer

I didn't vote but I don't think it was a good trailer.

It seems like it was edited by a fan using short clips found on YouTube. The music is also VERY common and overused, I believe I heard it on the "Top Gear" last week. It's also the music used in anti-piracy ads that run before every film in the UK, so it's a very well known piece.

I know I'm gonna watch the film regardless but that trailer was poorly edited. The only thing I took from it is that there's a bunch of characters that I barely recognise, people crying and people screaming.

I understand it was put together for comic-con, so I'm guessing it was rushed together by the production team themselves. That works for a room full of fanboys but as a main trailer it falls flat. Personally I would have hired professionals.

I'm also guessing that Fox needed to push a trailer out in order to attach it to Thor and Hunger Games. They might have put it next to The Hobbit, Anchorman and Jack Ryan, those films come out later and they could have completed some "money shots" by then too, but due to Jack Ryan moving they had to rush it out now.

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