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Default Re: Rate the Days of Future Past trailer

Originally Posted by Mr.M View Post
What's the problem for this flick thus far? A bunch of characters Joe Shmoe couldn't give two ****s about. Namely, Blink, Warpath, Sunspot. The fan faves like Rogue once again appears as a damsel in distress. And people are tired of Wolverine being shoved down their throats, evident with the underperformance of The Wolverine. So this flick has a lot to overcome. There are just too many question marks for the average Joe. He's asking himself, "Do I want Wolverine shoe-horned up my ass again? Are the Sentinels even in this? What the hell is the plot exactly?" So this isn't going to help Fox's case.

Next trailer needs a complete 180. It needs to show Sentinels right off the bat. Forebode the ominous future, and then bam, Sentinel action. More OT cast with less Wolverine, especially 1973 Wolverine tearing **** up and healing after being shot. Then clear up the plot for people. At least explain why Wolverine has to yet again be front and center, and then lay some groundwork for the mission, and why this plan is going to pay off.
You aren't giving the general audience any credit at all - it's clear in the trailer that they outlined what the general plot is: sending Wolvie back to correct the past. It's made pretty damn clear in the teaser. My boyfriend is a "joe schmoe" and he understood every bit of it.

Now the details of stopping Mystique from assassinating someone, the means of time travel and other plot details that can wait for the second trailer, no need to bombard the audience with everything in one trailer. It set the tone, the look, and feel for the entire movie.

As far as having no Sentinels - most of the general audience don't even know or have a general idea of what a sentinel is to begin with so them being absent is moot. Not to mention it's a nice save for a later trailer!

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