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Default Re: Did viewing info/spoilers mess with your MOS experience? Will you avoid it this t

I actually don't remember if I found out about the ending or not. I do know that it felt shocking when it happened.

I certainly wanted to remain more spoiler free than I did with Batman Begins (I read the whole script when it leaked.) Even trying this, I still ended up with a fairly good grasp of the over all plot before I saw it. It's amazing how much info is intentionally put out there about movie plots. Even just watching trailers; I really understand those who go so far as to close their eyes and pug their ears when the trailers start in the theater.

That said, trailers serve more purpose than just advertising the film; they also set the tone. Or at least they are supposed to. I've had many a film experience ruined by trailers that pitched a very different film than the one I eventually saw.
That may sound like an argument against watching trailers, but it really shows their importance. If I see NOTHING about a film, and only know that it's coming out, maybe who's in it, and whether or not I think I want to see it, then the tone/expectation of what it will be is fully concocted in my head, and can likely set me up for even more disappointment.

Not the best example, but imagine seeing Superman Returns, never knowing that it was meant to be tied to the Donner films. Granted there were many who saw the trailers, and still didn't know this, imagine how confusing it would have been.

You will never be forgoten Robert.

Thanks Cconn, for the avvy.

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