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Default Re: Did viewing info/spoilers mess with your MOS experience? Will you avoid it this t

This is the price you pay with these types of communities that has spoilers galore. I did good for the most part. I watched the teaser trailers, read descriptions of the trailer 2 & 3 but did a mighty job with staying away from anything other than that (every single T.V spot including the Soldier of Steel feature, which was tough to stay away givin' my obsessive excitement for this film.)

Closer towards release date, I would sneek a quick peek in the spoilers sections, scrolling REALLY FAST and realized how dumb and stupid that was when I accidentally stumbled across the neck-snap, which wasn't in spoiler tags. I avoided the rest of the movie, but I, too, would of liked to see how I reacted not knowing that but such is the consequence you risk taking.

Like many others, I'll follow this movie hard, but will try to avoid the spoiler section this time and enter the movie theater with an open mind.

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