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Green Arrow has been my favorite hero since Kevin Smith wrote him. I have to admit after being rebooted after rebooted, this is really becoming tired. I actually really liked JT Krul's work on the last Volume, the one in the forest, I thought it was a good story about coming to terms with your inner... and outer demons.

When I heard about the new 52 I was concerned about all but Green Arrow. I figured JT was writing it, so no worries. Boy I didn't see it coming.

I will admit that after, in my opinion, stellar books like JLA, Action and Detective Comics the bar was set inconceivably high, but still the idea was planted that this take on Ollie would be very James Bond-ish so I was like "That is sweet! Perfect direction to take the Emerald Archer. Unfortunately this book pales in the light of the other titles right now.

Frustratingly enough, it wasn't AWFUL, it was merely mediocre but in comparison to smashes it looks a little worse. I will go out there and say, I like the idea that Ollie's identity is secret again, I like that he is using technology to his advantage, for a powerless hero in this day and age to refuse to would be ultimately silly in itself. I like the idea more of Green Arrow having an Oracle of his own, though I have to say it doesn't look good when the original girl behind the computer screen is flying around in a Batsuit, it actually makes me wonder if that part of Green Arrow would have happened at all if Barbara didn't dawn the cowl again. It's incredibly unoriginal though but ultimately, realistic. I honestly think it would have gone over better if it was a male, not female. Oddly enough there is a useless male who knows Ollies Identity along with Oracle 2 and he really contributes nothing to the story. The villains were throwaway and that would be fine if you had a really strong written issue setting up the new Green Arrow but once again the shortcomings of one angle make the others look even worse.

I will definitely give this series a go, I snagged up almost all of Volume 3, well after Smith's run had come to an end. I think there is potential but if Krul is going to stay on this title he really needs to look at heroes like Daredevil and Punisher for inspiration and stop trying to make an Green Arrow a team book or a Green Batman title. As I explain Green Arrow to friends the similarity between him and Batman seem overwhelming without effort, so throwing in an Oracle 2.0 and such is only going to make the comparisons more frequent. The best thing they can do is really take this book to that point between James Bond and Vigilante Hero. Oliver Queen is the owner of one of third biggest companies in DC he should be more stealthy and secretive, he is only wearing a domino mask and seems to like to talk a lot, as a longtime reader, I have trouble buying that.

Potential is there for this title as long as corrective actions are made... but with potential comes bitter disappointment for the Emerald Archer.

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