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Default Re: The Natalie Portman/Jane Foster Thread

Originally Posted by KalMart View Post
Like I mentioned Iron Man...especially with those two actors. Certainly Reeve and Kidder, Keaton and Pfeiffer for the most part. I liked Parker/MJ in the first movie, and Logan/Jean Grey in the first two XMens. Really more of a feeling thing than anything else for me.
Cool, and glad to hear.

As for me; Idk, when it comes to a "love interest" for any hero or heroine in a film, my only gripes comes from if the Love interest is just there for simply being a love interest, and whether that character is a tolerable

Case in point, I did like the Parker/MJ one in the first one, but after the second and even third became clear that the only thing that Raimi's MJ was known for was being the "it" girl for most of the young male characters in the film and being the damsel in distress that Parker has to save at the climax of each film.

I wouldn't have minded Logan and jean so much if I wasn't such a loyalist to the Scott/Jean romance from the, plus I've never been fond of romances that developed at the expense of a good character, let alone if that good character was currently involved with one of the individuals from that said

In regards to the MCU films, if anything, I'd say that Steve and Peggy's one have been the best received one from fans and critics that I've seen so far (I could be wrong).

I just hope that this second film is better able to reinforce to larger range of audiences as to what they were trying to do with Jane and Thor in the first film.

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