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Default Re: Thor's power level

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
Well Thor's still faster and more skilled than Kurse, just like he's faster and more skilled than Hulk.

If he uses his fighting skills he can still put up a fight, being stronger than someone isn't everything.
It certainly isn't. But the thing is, with Kurse being as strong as he is, that is how I would expect it to go in the movie. Wouldn't you agree? Yes, in a battle forum, he can use his skills and put up a fight. I totally agree.

But given the course of the movie, and how strong we are expecting Kurse to be, I think it would be safe to say that IF they decide to have Thor take on Kurse physically first, then Kurse will most likely have a decisive advantage of Thor. Probably beating him down Causing him to then resort to using his other powers. My appologies for not making my point clear. While like in the hulk fight, thor has his advantages over Kurse, if Kurse is as strong as he is suppose to be, it seems more likely that they will have Kurse beat thor down in a brawl, causing thor to use more of his powers.

On a side note BT, where ya been? Been a few days since you've been around here lol

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