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Default Re: Stuff you like to believe happened in Nolan's series

Idk, I really like having TDK as The Joker's one movie to shine in the trilogy. Makes him stand out more. I can't think of a way to incorporate him into TDKR in a way that doesn't cheapen him without heavily altering the plot, and I love the story told in TDKR. When I think Heath-Joker I just think TDK, that's right where he belongs. Kind of makes my brain implode thinking about it too much. If Heath lived I'd obviously be clamoring for his return along with the rest of fandom, but my only sadness about Heath's death is for his friends and family. I never missed The Joker in TDKR.

As for what I like to believe...mainly that there was a short period where Batman was active in total stealth mode post-TDK before the Dent Act was passed, and keeping an eye on things via the Bat-computer for a while. Also that Blake evolves the symbol and becomes more of a Nightwing-type figure rather than another Batman so Gotham understands for sure that it's someone new taking up Batman's duties.

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