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Default Re: Stuff you like to believe happened in Nolan's series

Originally Posted by FeedOnATreeFrog View Post
I think it's pretty awesome; especially Foley, haha.

I imagine Joker would die laughing, seeing who it was that killed him.

That being said, I don't think Joker really has a place in TDKR thematically.

Also, I'm not huge on an ending where Batman is forced to sacrifice himself. It's a super depressing ending, and sort of narratively backwards in my opinion, for a movie about a guy who finally regains the will to live to die as a martyr at the end; something he would have done in the beginning.
Joker being shot by Foley would have been funny, but I think he would have been more annoyed than amused at being shot by a "nobody cop" instead of the almighty Batman he was obsessed with breaking.

I'm inclined to agree with the last part. Batman dying after he'd finally learned to appreciate life again and learning from the mistakes he'd made by not paying attention to life during his "If I can't have my way I won't go out and play" period (the orphanages he used to support losing funding; losing his company and his fortune to a vocally challenged a--holish man-child rival who is then killed off by the villain, etc.) would have been counterproductive to the narrative.

Originally Posted by Anno Domini
I never felt Joker had a place either and the only moment his name could've been mentioned(when Blake was going over what happened eight years ago), even that wasn't necessary because Batman was villainfied and shouldn't be given the acknowledgment of him being the one to take down Joker.

But if Ledger had lived, I think he could be used but I would have also changed TDKR up a bit to where it's a finite ending and Bruce Wayne does die. Yes, Bruce is given a new reason to live, but that reason could be that he needs to save his city and that's it, not to move on. But again, I feel that only works when Joker is used again and TDKR is a sort of endgame for everything.
I think there were other places where the Joker could've been mentioned, such as when Batman dismisses Bane as nothing more than a mercenary, that would've been a great place for Alfred to say something like "And the Joker was just another criminal, do you remember how that turned out?"

But the lack of Joker is not a make or break to me as it is for some.

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