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Default Re: Stuff you like to believe happened in Nolan's series

I don't see how Joker technically won besides Batman being treated as a leper, which is more of a prediction by Joker than anything else.

He wanted to corrupt Gotham City by using Harvey Dent and that plan failed once Batman put the blame on himself when it came to Dent's crimes. If you count Joker making Batman become a villain, then yes, I could see how that was a 'W' for Joker.

But, I think The Joker needs to hurry up and reply because I want to know what he would've done with Joker as in if he would've wanted Joker to actually kill himself or just no one kill him. I personally think he should've died if he did show up in TDKR for sure, and I suppose I'd be fine with Joker killing himself, maybe like in TDKReturns where he breaks his own neck.

Originally Posted by Racer Morose View Post
On the contrary, his presence was so almighty in TDK, one is just to wonder if he was not such a threat as he once seemed.
I don't think anyone should be wondering this at all. Joker took away Bruce Wayne's "life" so to speak by killing Rachel and put Bruce through eight years of not moving on with his life when he quit being Batman. For those eight years, he was mentally and emotionally broken because of what Joker did. Joker even made Batman become a villain(if you want to view it as something Joker did, that is).

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