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Default Re: Stuff you like to believe happened in Nolan's series

Originally Posted by Racer Morose View Post
Joker thought he could corrupt the most incorruptible man in Gotham. According to Batman himself, that would be Harvey dent. joker could corrupt Harvey Dent. Joker won.

Batman could revert this only by collectively lying to everyone in Gotham.

It's like somebody wins a competition but the man informing of this decides to lie bout it. The man still won.

But yes, Gotham people didn't blow up each other's ferry in the only unconvincing part of the movie. that was a serious defeat for Mr. J.
But the war Joker set out in using Harvey Dent to corrupt Gotham City as a whole, and it didn't happen. Joker didn't win the war of the film, only a few battles.

A lot of Joker winning there.
But Joker didn't know what killing Rachel would have done to the man behind that cowl. I can't say that Joker is given a "win" of something he wasn't aware of what would happen, but I am just stating how no one shouldn't bother to question a kind of threat Joker was because of what we know what has happened since TDK.

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Let me put it this way; would you be happy with a lame character like Foley killing Bane?
Well no, but it was still disappointing with a character like Catwoman even killed Bane by adding that god-awful one liner

I just brought up Foley because it could have made him more important that what he actually was in TDKR.

If Joker has to die at someone elses hand, then Gordon would be a fine choice. Or have it done like in the Harvey Dent situation at the end of TDK, where Batman ends up killing him to stop him doing something really evil.
I wouldn't mind Gordon being the one, especially after all he went through as well. I just don't see Batman killing Joker, even if in similar stakes like TDK because of Joker always pushing Batman to break his rule. Actually breaking it will seem like a win for Joker I would think.

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