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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - - -

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
Don't know man. Not too sure what you are saying. Are you saying that before Thanos got his power ups from death he was weaker than Thor?

After the recon in Thanos rising, he has augmented his powers, and not too sure if they said anything about his strength. But it doesn't matter, Thanos has always been physically superior to Thor, I would say. Regardless of how he was born, it doesn't matter. He was stronger than Thor back when he first left Titan probably.

One of his first appearances he fought with Drax, physically, the planet they were on was destroyed as collateral.

Thanos' weapon is his mind, sure, his durability, sure. But that's a misconception about him, that his mind is his only weapon. Even without his intellect, he is still physically strong enough and powerful enough at this point to dominate the likes of Thor..Thanos is a smart guy. Yeah. But there's so much about how he gains power over the years, it's tough to say how he was born. Thor was born with mythical powers. Thanos was not. But from what I remember, he was always physically superior to most characters, before any of his death upgrades.

Pretty sure that galaxy was destroyed as collateral with his battle with an abstract being. I wouldn't fully say he destroyed the galaxy fully under his own power. I don't doubt he could, Surtur has, and they are equals.
Nah man. I said that even before Thanos ressurection boost by Death he was stronger than Thor thx to cybernetic experiments. Look at what I said again: "If we just compare their physical power, Thor does stand a small chance. But Thanos is all about knowledge so he would win." I basically say Thor is weaker in terms of phys powers but that little chance he has isn´t real since Thanos mind would prevail.

My point was originally that Thor < Thanos, always. The early Thanos is the weakest Thanos, and that Thanos was written at the same time as Cap Marvel v1. I used this Thanos to compare the two (him and Thor) because Thanos was at his weakest. To compare Thanos Quest Thanos wouldn´t even be fair. But Thanos was so smart (way smarter than Thor) so he made himseld more powerful, so Thor never stood a chance but before the un-detailed cybernetic experiments (the natural Thanos) might be weaker than Thor, but Thanos was always smarter so even then, he might win.

What I meant though, was that Thanos should be naturally born weaker than Thor (pure power) cause Zeus is weaker than Odin and Zeus brothers son is Thanos. This cause in Captain Marvel I read something (see piuctures) that clearly says Thanos uncle is Zeus. But once again, I said that this is no exact science but "in my book" the son of the weaker skyfather Zeus (Herc) is weaker than the stronger skyfathers son (Thor). Same principle goes with Thanos and Thor "in my book" but we don´t know the wife of Mentor, which genes he inherited etc.... but that´s imo the best way of trying to compare Thor and Thanos if we don´t have a battle between them.

BUT that Captain Marvel writing is old and has been changed in later issues I haven´t read. Thor Odinsson showed me some about that, but even before he showed this I said that I claming this is fairly legit since if it was true once and changed and since I never catched wind of the change it would be fair to say that I was right in a way. But that depends if someone is willing to accept the fact that someone might say something without checking it up online or modern comics before.

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