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Default Why do you think this show gets so much hate?

Elsewhere on the interwebs, TWD gets nothing but slammed by people for being a horrible show. It's kind of become the go-to show to insult peoples intelligence over kinda like Michael Bay and Transformers is for movies. You don't like a certain show? Pffft, go watch TWD then. It's more your speed. You like TWD? Pffft, you must be an idiot.

Why do you think this is? It's not a perfect show, but it is a damn good one. It is a wonderfully intense portrayal of survival. These people aren't perfect and they make mistakes. That's the whole point. All the haters do is sit around say "They should have done this. Not that" Like they know exactly what they would do in this EXTREME situation. The haters throw the ever so lovely blanket statement around "Badly written" like it's some kind of catch-all criticism that is unchallenged. They don't even try to understand the psychology of the characters.

I honestly think a lot of the backlash this show gets is because of it's extreme popularity. I usually hate this argument, but I think it's a very valid one. It happens with almost everything these days. Especially big tent pole films. TDK/TDKR, Avatar, The Avengers, Abrams Trek...the bigger and more successful they are (all of these films were successful critically and commercially) the more internet hate they receive. I honestly think if TWD got middling ratings and was less known, it wouldn't get NEAR the amount of backlash.

I'm not saying people can't genuinely dislike the show-I'm saying the hollow, meaningless trolling of it is uncalled for.

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