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Default Re: No Reboot.... Confirmed by Latino Review

Originally Posted by DIRECTOR View Post
Can a mod change the thread title than if it's confusing? Change it to "No Origin.... Confirmed by Latino Review"

I think reboot and restart is the same thing. When we all here were talking about reboots, we were thinking about the WB making a movie about the origins.

I think WB is making another mistake with this one. People don't want to see Superman without knowing the man behind the suit, which is what we loved about Christoper Reeves, we see him becoming Superman.
You can learn about a character without seeing his origin. In fact we've seen too many Superman stories that explain exactly how he came to be but very few that explored the character.

The Incredible Hulk was a reboot that wasn't an origin story. Casino Royale rebooted the Bond franchise, and even though we see him granted OO7 status we still don't know anything about how the character came to be.

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