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Default Re: No Reboot.... Confirmed by Latino Review

Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
A few months ago, it was all the rage to bash the idea of not having an origin story, but now people are starting to change their tune.
I think you'll still have some fans angry about the lack of an origin. Lol. Seriously though ,if this rumor does pan out , it wouldn't suprise me.

Smallville is still on the air and they've pretty much done Superman's origin backwards and forwards. I can see them not wanting to do that. Plus you have the Donner film which did it pretty well and the last thing they wanna do is basically remake that structure wise i.e Krypton, Smallville, then in the last 3rd go into a Superman story.

If true, This new angle accomplishes several things,amoung them:
1) The story hits the ground running with an established universe ala Batman 89,
2) They don't have to cover the Millar/Gough or Donner stuff concerning origins and beginnings
3)We have the Lex that fans have basically been asking for
4) We have a superpowered villan and we have a Superman ready to go into action without waiting a half an hour before he suits up for the first time.

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