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Default Re: Donkey Kong Country Returns

Originally Posted by DIRECTOR View Post
It is essentally DK country the sequal. SAme 2d scrolling gameplay.
You are correct. Same 2D platforming. I guess then all Halos suck since it's just the same shooting gameplay. Or Uncharted 2 sucked since it was just 'more of the same.'

DK works best as a 2D platformer, or have you forgotten the abomination that is DK64? Plus we only know a fraction of what the game offers, and if there is one thing I've learned about Retro, is that there is usually alot involved in their games.

Plus it's a sequel, not a remake. It's as much an updated version of the original as any other sequel out there.

3DS was the best thing about the conference. But, it's still handheld gameplay. Where the F is Wii HD????????

We don't need a WiiHD, the games are fine as they are. HD does not make everything better.

Wait for the next console of Nintendo's it'll be in HD.

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