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Default Re: Which Comic Book Hero will rain Supreme next year?

I think Superman wins, hands down, because ironically enough, Marvel and DC do a shift in 2013: DC goes for a real four-color superhero with Kal-El, while Thor and Iron Man get the Nolanite "dark and gritty" treatment. And I think that will backfire, to great effect for MOS, and disappointing numbers for IM and Thor.

Granted, Zack Snyder isn't Steven Spielberg; he's definitely dropped the ball on some great potential several times. But so has Spielberg --- *many* times. There's one thing that's a guarantee for Snyder: he is extremely faithful to the source material of whatever comic/graphic novel he's adapting, so it's a given that his Superman will be very authentic to the books --- far more so than Bryan Singer's crap, and even the Donner films, which quickly devolved into Joel Schumacher-like camp over several installments.

Avengers was lightning in a bottle, and the bulk of its success draws from the team aspect. That aspect is, of course, lacking in the solo films; and there's already reports that Feige and the filmmakers are trying to steer away from Avenger references to let IM and Thor stand on their own. This is *not* a particularly intelligent strategy, trying to distance yourself from a box-office gold mine.

I'll be glad to reassess my opinion once we start seeing trailers for IM, Thor and MOS; but for now, everything I've seen puts MOS miles ahead of the competition in 2013.


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