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Default Re: The Iron Man 3 Box Office Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by Juicy J View Post
Iron man 2 was in no way a perfect film but people act like it was unsuccessful in almost every way, when they have nothing to base on that on. In fact most people I know who saw it greatly enjoyed it. It's only a segment of diehard fans who view that film as a debacle, which is ludicrous.
That being said, I redact my previous statement of 750 mil after seeing that trailer. I think a billion is, at this point, definitely attainable.

It's not like IM2 was on the level of Superman Returns, a film which was actually rather poorly received when it came out. Turning Superman into a deadbeat dad who stalked his ex and her family was a bad idea from the start. As was that weird half-alien kid played by the sorriest moppet in Hollywood. That was just...wrong in so many ways. Like SR, there are plenty of other superhero films that were truly bad and disliked by the public, but IM2 isn't one of them.

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