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Default Re: The Iron Man 3 Box Office Prediction Thread

I wasnt crazy about IM2, but I completely agree that its not a straight up bad movie. It just happens to compare unfavorably with the first movie. Its a 7/10 movie that gets bashed by fanboys as if its a 4/10 movie.

Regardless, I expect some next level **** in the new movie. If its only slightly better than IM2 or a rehash of IM1, I will be disappointed. IM1 and TA (not to mention that other company's recently concluded franchise) have raised the bar for all SH movies going forward as far as I'm concerned. Repetition = Mediocrity = Failure.

Box Office wise, I think quality and word of mouth will have a bigger impact than many realize. I dont see the movie bombing, but if the consensus is that IM3 isnt all that great, a billion wont happen.

The movie outright sucks: 650 million
The movie is merely meh: 800 million
The movie is good: 1 billion
The movie is amazing: 1.3 or more

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