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Default Re: The Iron Man 3 Box Office Prediction Thread

I don't think Superman Returns was a horrible movie. It was techincally a well made film. The problem was it was dull and the sucked the fun out of a colorful character. I should remember more from a Superman movie than a giant crystal, Superman being a deadbeat dad, and Lex yelling, "WRONG!" It's the reason why the movie came and went, nobody caring if they ever made a sequel. People were willing to overlook Iron Man 2's flaws because the movie for the most part was amusing and really funny. This is something I hope Snyder is looking at with MoS. You can shoot all the beautiful scenes of Superman on the farm and fishing--people want to see a charming, heroic, and kickass Superman. Thor (aside from the initial arrogance and whining) is the perfect model for how they should approach Superman. People liked Thor and gave the movie a chance because Thor came off as a charming character. They also need to realize they aren't ever going to best Christopher Reeve, so it's time for a different approach. MoS should look real incredible, the biggest question is if Cavill is likeable as Clark Kent.

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