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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

*looks at long ass post* Nahhhh.... not gonna read it.

just kidding I read it. *twice*

I understand it may be intimidating, because we do get in depth, and we do write long posts, and we do discuss a lot of little things back and forth, but that's what this is here for. Plot points can be in the details, so the little details will be discussed to see if any plot points might be there. And I can't try to get a flow of things as far as plot without having a long post laying out what I think *might* happen. When I type my summary posts, I try to keep down the detail I have in my head believe it or not, and use lots of paragraphs so it's not just one huge block of text, to try to make it easier to read and understand. But I can't sum it up in one or two lines. Sorry. So that's why I say if people read and want to reply, great. if not, their loss.

On talking the little details, for instance, there are scratches on Thor's face all through Greenwich filming, we now know due to our discussion and finding of Clappers and scene numbers that quite a few scenes occur during that time and still he is scarred. If he's taking a while to heal, and it seems to have happened prior to these scenes, then something powerful must have hit him earlier, it appears to me like a cat scratch, and I don't think by a large Kurselike hand, and women are more known for scratching in a fight than men, SO. You know who I'm thinking of. And if it winds up being Hela that did it to show her deathly touch, then I'm gonna remind you people of that!

Btw, speaking of which, I think that the scratches look less in the pictures of Thor vs Malekith by the column, and that would go along with it being at least a little while later after the scenes on the grass.

Now, where was I? Oh, yeah...

I don't know what to do. I don't believe me writing shorter and less in depth posts will make people come and share. I really don't. There are not that many people here in the first place from what I can see, and some may simply feel they dont' have the ideas to share or the time to share them. (so then it's not my fault they don't post!). Honestly as long as one person is chatting with me I'm fine with it, and I don't know why anyone should care if it is me and one or two other people. So what? We're not hurting anyone with it, and at least it's keeping our long in depth thoughts more or less out of the other threads, annoying and frightening people.

In any case, compromise, I don't know what to do, maybe AM and I could put our longer in depth stuff into spoiler tags that people can read or not? With maybe a few points about what we are discussing at the top to make it easier if people do want to read it. It would at least *look* less intimidating that way, although sounds like a lot of extra bother for us ( good thing both/one of us is getting paid to post here AM! ... )

Re: the Rogue's gallery, there is at least one guy at Bourne who I thought could be Skurge (guy with a Mohawk and large Ax), but I also feel like he may just be an extra. Also if Loki is in prison it occurred to me we might see at least one or two other of the Rogue's gallery there, sort of like the way we saw what else was in Odin's vault.

Who are the key ones you'd show? I think the leaders of the various realms and people seem like they should be shown, such as Hela, and Ymir, even if just a cameo, and I'd think we'd get at least mention of Karnilla and Nornheim, especially if I am right about Bourne being the outskirts of Nornheim.

I DO think Malekith will be Killed by Kurse in this movie.

I also think that we will first hear about the prophecie of Ragnorok.
first point, I'm not so sure of that and 2 yes probably. I have other thoughts on both of those but may do a longer post later, this one is long enough as it is. and I'm mulling some things over...

ALSO, another thing I was thinking of, was that a part of the prophecy (idk how to spell that) my be fufilled. Chances are, it will be different from the comics, for example, we could hear Odin talk about the prophecy, and it starts with a Tyrant falling at the hands of his own, yada dada...leads to surtur completely twilight, and burning the nine realms.
I agree it will be a bit different, but surely Loki will be involved, and I think that he will likely be the one, instead of Balder, who learns of his "destiny" this way, and then has to deal with it, accept it with glee, or decide to fight it. And I'm not so sure it won't be revealed that Odin already knows has been trying to change it. (as opposed to murdering an infant that he believes will grow up and cause Ragnarok, he tries to raise him into a good man and change that destiny)

Kurse kills malekith. Odin is aware that Kurse was once one of Malekith's, so it occurs to him that a part of the prophecie has been fulfilled. This is just an example of what I mean, in terms of the prophecie and ragnarok. I don't think it will happen that way at all, that's just to give a view on how I am thinking.
I think Malekith appears to be summoning something to Midgard still in the darkness there, and I think there is still one big end fight to come after all that Greenwich footage based on the clapper scene numbers. Admittedly it may not be Ymir and a snow storm that he summons, but I will again point out that in the comics and in mythos, an ice age on Midgard seems to be associated with end of days, in the comics that must happen before Surtur can come apparently, (and that's Malekith's final goal there) and the casket of ancient winters may very well be lost for good. So, again, it may not be that an Ice age has to come before Ragnarok in the MCU, maybe he summons Nihogg or the Midgard Serpent, and they are using that as a lead in to Ragnarok and Surtur later. I do find interesting the detail that much of the action filmed elsewhere are places along the Thames, and that could point to a serpent/dragon like creature that Thor has to chase after.

However I think that is part of the prophecy, whatever it is, will be fulfilled in this film, yes, and I think it's extremely likely to be fulfilled at the very end of the film with whatever Malekith is summoning. (due to pacing and suspense, it's just good storytelling to do that way)

As you suggested, I suppose Kurse vaguely being prophecized to kill his creator could work for that, but I am under the assumption that Malekith knows the prophecy as well, so whatever he's doing/summoning is helping to fulfill that so Surtur could come, and so it doesn't make sense that that would be part of the prophecy. It has to be something else, something bigger, like a massive winter on Midgard or a giant serpent, that is the thing he is trying to fulfill. That and I'm expecting that Kurse would have already been in a few fights by then so yet another fight with him at the end I think would be redundant. I predict what comes at the end, it'll be BIG and it'll be NEW.

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