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Default Re: The Natalie Portman/Jane Foster Thread

If the goal was for Jane to be the person that helped Thor in learning “humility” during his time on Earth in his first film, then I don’t think the concept was well executed.

I think the biggest problem for that issue is that they only allowed Thor to stay on Earth for about 3 days. Given that he’s a warrior who’s lived for several centuries, the thought of him suddenly learning humility within three days worth is kind of hard to buy.

Plus, like Darth said, I think him learning humility had more to do with the fact that he thought his father had died and Asgard was now in war with the Frost Giants because of his actions.

So yeah, going back to my original post, I don’t think the MCU has done as great of a job in establishing a great reason as to why Thor would want to be with Jane of all people.

I mean when I think about other comic book couples like MOS’s take on Superman/Clark and Lois, or even couples like Peter/Gwen, Tony/Pepper, and Steve/Peggy, it’s definitely easy to know why the male leads fell for her female counterparts because the female leads were written in a way where they were able to understand the protagonists in ways that no one else could and were there for them when they needed someone the most.

I didn’t get that sense, at least not as strongly, when it came to Thor and Jane.

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