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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread

Originally Posted by Carnage27 View Post
If Thanos is the villain of 2, it's not the film Whedon wants to make. That's for sure. I'll take the word of the filmmaker as well as Marvel's desire to make this a long lasting universe over an easter egg, which could easily be a set up for a very long term plan.

Besides, you'll be waiting till the end of the world for Pym to show up. He's not going to.

And putting Thanos in the next one...there'd be no where to go but down from that. I'll stick to my prediction
Agreed on all points. Just because You-Know-Who made a cameo appearance, that doesn't mean that he's going to be the villain in Avengers 2. Think of him like Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars. He's mentioned, but he doesn't actually become a physical threat until the last film of the trilogy. Likewise, Thanos is the sort of villain that you build up to and end a trilogy on. There's no way he's going to be the halfway point villain and cap it off with Ultron. Not only would that completely deflate Thanos, but it doesn't make narrative sense. You build tension. You don't deflate it in your third act. And going from Thanos, a harbinger of universal armageddon, to Ultron, who'd probably be the MCU version of Skynet, would be a massive deflation of whatever tension they build up over the series.

Not to mention the announcement of the cosmic films they're planning, like Guardians of the Galaxy. They're not going to do away with Thanos so quickly when they have a movie coming out which has no less than FOUR characters who're personally tied to him in one way or another (Moondragon's family was killed by Thanos, Drax was created to destroy Thanos, Gamora was raised by Thanos, and Adam Warlock is the Avatar of Life and opposite number to Thanos, the Avatar of Death). Bringing Thanos into Avengers 2 and defeating him would be a complete waste when there's a cosmic movie coming which can potentially make use of him as well.

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