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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 2

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
Other off camera roles running through my head:

Producers: Feige, Stan Lee (of course), Reginald Hudlin, maybe Deznel or Forrest in order to get them involved as T'Chaka.

Writers: me and roach, or similar

Cinematographer: Ernest Dickerson... he's been in the director's chair for a few years on TV shows like walking dead, but it might be interesting to have him in this role on a film...

Antoine Fuqua is still rising with his Olympus Has Fallen... he's more and more my favorite director for this project. If he did something with any kind of serious melee combat or superhuman/superhero aspect, he'd be nearly ideal, imho. He's got Africa down (Tears in the Sun), he's got the royal rising stuff down (King Arthur), He's got political action down (Olympus has Fallen), he's just generally well positioned, and relatively consistent and improving (with the possible exception of Brooklyn's Finest).
I've always thought that Fuqua would be a good choice if they go with a black director. The only thing I'd say with him is that they should get a damn good script writer to go along with him, but I can't think of anyone. If not Fuqua then F. Gary Gray would be good if they just have to go with a black director. Not saying that the director has to be black, but I can imagine them going after one since it would be about the historical first black superhero.

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