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Default Re: The Official Playstation Super Pals Thread

my PSN id is Unionjack3rd

games i own -
uncharted 1,2,3
batman arkham city
call of duty (all of them!)
battlefield 3
resistance 3
alice madness returns
sonic adventure 1,2
sonic 4 parts 1,2
red dead redemption
sleeping dogs
little big planet 1,2,karting
sonic allstar and transformed
sonic cd
sonic unleashed
sonic generations
sonic the hedgehog
infamous 1,2,festival of blood
binary domain
epic mickey 2
rayman origins
PS all stars
killzone 3
god of war 3
mortal kombat and vs DC
megadrive ultimate collection(bought it for sonic :0) )
marvel v capcom and ult MVC3
super streetfighter 4
burnout paradise
amazing spiderman
all ratchet and clanks
time crisis razing storm
lego batman,star wars,indy jones
amazing spiderman
a few move games
singstar! (all of them!)..(tis for the missus)

PSN Name - Unionjack3rd
STEAM Name - Union Jack
Xbox Gamertag - RickBritain
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