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Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
That makes them sound a bit racist and just like Magneto just with different methods. The team has acceptted non-mutant members in the past. Mimic, Longshot, Juggernaut, and have had many other non-mutant allies stay at the mansion
The X-Men are supposed to represent mutant interests and are supposed to be fighting for mutant interests, they aren't supposed to be a superhero team like the Avengers fighting for the interests of everyone.

Think of them as the NAACP. While yes they have sheltered and helped non mutants in the past as I am sure the NAACP has helped whites in the past. Their goal remains the protection and betterment of the mutant race. The Acolytes are like the Black Panther's more strident and willing to use force for the benifit of their race. That said, Cyke is bluring the lines quite a bit between the Acolytes and X-Men today.

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